When traveling by car, it is important to be well prepared. Take your time. Enjoy this journey – broaden your horizons.

Travel tips

Think of your travel documents such as passports or identity cards, car insurance papers, etc. and leave your holiday address for those who stay at home.

You can book your hotel in advance or stay in a good hotel along the highway to spend a pleasant night.

How do I get there
The cheapest way to travel to the Costa Blanca is with more than 2 people. And the advantage is also having the comfort of your own car on site.

Once you are close to Alicante, please give us a call in order to welcomming you on time at your holiday home.

Route planner
With a route planner it is very easy to find the correct way. But with today’s digitised time, the GPS system will guide you comfortably to your holiday destination.