If traveling by car, it is important to be well prepared. Take the time, your vacation starts already when you get in the car so make sure you enjoy all that you see on the way.

Wise on trip

Think of your travel documents, such as green card, the travel and credit letter of the ANWB, and leave your holiday address behind for home residents.

You can book your Hotel Formule 1 from the Netherlands and of course there are several good hotels along the carriageway for a pleasant overnight stay. Http://

How do I get there
If you travel to the Costa Blanca with more than 2 people, this is most advantageous. You also have the comfort of your own car on site.

Once you have arrived near Alicante, we will ask you to call the telephone number of the owner of your holiday home so that you will be received on site.

Route planner
With a route planner, it is very easy to choose the right route. Print the route thereafter and also one for the return journey of course! You will also find directions below. Alicante airport to La Mata.

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