09 November 2018

Why do Spaniards have such a long life?

Why do Spaniards have such a long life?

Spaniards live longer than people in most other countries. In 2040, Spain will even be the country where on average people get a life expectation of 85,8 years, older than the Japanese with an average of 85,7 years. The Times wondered how that could be possible, then Spaniards are still known for their behaviour of smoking and drinking a lot. The answer? Continue reading

The newspaper writes that Spaniards do not really seem healthier than the British, at first glance. They obviously smoke more (23 percent of the Spaniards versus 16 percent of the British), drink almost the same quantity of alcohol and do not sleep very much. But the newspaper comes with a number of Spanish habits which seem responsible for the fact that the Spaniards on average are getting much older.

The very first is “pasear”, in other words going outside, strolling around and walking. Spaniards generally walk a lot more.

Mediterranean diet
Meanwhile well-known. Spaniards generally eat healthier than the inhabitants of many other countries. During the last years, more and more benefits of the so-called Mediterranean diet became known. A lot of fresh products, fish, vegetables and red wine shall be beneficial for the Spanish population.

Isn’t it wonderful to have such an afternoon nap? It even turns out that it is healthy. In Spain, the working days are longer than in the rest of Europe, so Spaniards rest more during the day.

Very important to stay young, as studies conclude. Spaniards have on average more sex than the British. Spanish women reach an average of 2.1 times a week, while British women reach an average of 1.7 times a week.

The language
The language also has an influence on life expectancy, according to The Times. The paper refers to a study by the University of Vermont in which thousands of words from the ten most widely spoken languages in the world were analyzed and it turned out that Spanish is the most cheerful language in the world.

The Times also mentions the culinary custom of tapas: sharing small dishes with others, especially in the evening. Spaniards do not fill their stomach just before going to bed but eat earlier in the day. Incidentally, we also believe that the social aspect of tapas has an impact: tapas you eat in company.