Virtual 360° House Tour

From now on we have the option to view a number of properties virtually in 360 degrees on our website. Through this tour you can view the house without actually being present. This makes the closer selection of properties to visit for a viewing quicker and easier for you.

How does it work?
View multiple homes indoors and outdoors, within a considerable time with the experience that you are in the home! To experience the house just as you would in reality before you actually travel to Spain, follow our steps below.

  • Find the property you would like to view virtually
  • Click on virtual tour
  • Would like to change rooms? Then click the white mark.
  • Enjoy the virtual tour!

Does the property appeal to you and now you would like to view the property in Spain?
Then please contact our office in order for us to arrange an appointment with you.


Selling your property
We are a real estate agency who does more than just placing a sign in the garden. The new virtual application suits our approach well and we are happy to help you during the selling process. Customers who would like to sell their house exclusively through CasaLasDunas can also make use of this new feature. Of course, it can be expected that we represent our range as best as possible in order to achieve the optimum result. If you proceed to sell, it is possible to participate in the virtual tour. People tend to find this interesting and view you house this way and then decide for a “live” viewing afterwards.

New Build

Virtual viewings are also interesting for new construction projects: a virtual walk through the future house appeals more to the client than having to imagine the house just from building plans and a few photos.