You are going to sell your house on the Costa Blanca? We would like to take your property in the sale! We are affiliated with all major network organizations on the Costa Blanca, both on the internet and with colleagues on the spot.


Completely free we place your home on our websites and advertise in the national newspapers in Spain as well as the Netherlands and Belgium. CasaLasDunas also wishes to present a presentation of your property. Fully oriented and specially tailored to the wishes of the customer.

Why would the customer just buy your house?
A perfect presentation plays a big part here. There is always a special target group for your home. Together we can present your house in the perfect way. The brochure is one of the means we can use to show a home to a large audience. But to make a brochure we also need your help.

Why is your home unique? Write a piece of text why the buyer should just buy your house.

  • Provide an optimal presentation, so make your house a showroom.
  • Provide beautiful clear photos. Also nice detail pictures are perfect for presenting in a brochure.
  • Give the most important features such as a lovely garden / beautiful location and views or just water or social facilities.
  • We will make sure that everything comes together in a beautiful presentation especially for your home.

Send us an email with the most important data with pictures (min 3 / max. 7) and we will contact you directly for more information.