Real estate agents in Spain work differently than those in the UK. A real estate agent in Spain will register the properties for sale and agree on a price with the seller. The property will be advertised (commission included) to potential buyers through our website. Although we represent the interests of both parties, the emphasis is on the purchasing party. Buying a home requires some serious investigations such as legality, inheritance, ownership documents, checking for potential outstanding debts. Do not try to do it alone, work with an English speaking real estate agent who has your best interests at heart!

Buying a property in Spain – how? where? what? when? These are the first questions that arise. You have two possibilities: You can inform yourself via the internet, search for objects and make the selection. That works well. But then there are still questions to be answered: With which agency do I work with? With only one or more agencies? With a Spanish or English agent?

You can also come to Spain by yourself and visit the area, consult different real-estate agents and view properties. But what will you do? The Spanish housing market is huge and other questions arise. Is everything in order and are all the documents official? Every home owner will answer with yes to that question but it is only at a later stage when you are at the notary that the truth comes out. Do you speak fluent Spanish? You are about to spend a lot of money in a foreign country. Will you work with more than one real-estate agent? This is time consuming, because every time you have to start over explaining your wishes and preferences, you can easily lose grip and often view the same houses. We advise you to select a real-estate agent from an early stage of the process and make the correct agreements.

How does CasaLasDunas work

  • Your requests through email will be answered personally and promptly. We will send you information and extra photos of the properties that you have selected on our website.
  • Through our serach form, you can send us your personal preferences and choices.
  • We will gladly make an appointment with you to meet us personally in our office.
  • If you decide to work with us, we will first talk about the location! Where do you want to live? Besides this there is the financial point and what type of property that fits you.
  • Next we will agree on how many properties per day you wish to view depending on your availability.
  • When you find the right property, you will need to sign a reservation contract, this cost min. €3000. In this contract there is a conditional clause stating that if the property does not meet the necessary registration requirements, you will get a full refund.
  • We will gladly invest our time to search for your dream home. Even if you find a property yourself we can contact the owner or the real-estate agency for you and start the necessary investigation.
  • If you have not made your decision after your viewing trip, we will keep you informed of current and new offers and continue searching for your dream house as well as assist you in your next visit to Spain.
  • We want you to make the right decision in your own time without any pressure from our side.
  • Once the deal is made we will to talk about the fiscal obligations, insurances and everything that is involved with buying a house. Do you like our way of working? Then CasaLasDunas is your real-estate agency for your dream house in Spain!