A second mortgage, can you? It is possible to obtain a mortgage on your second home in Spain. If you would like more information about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. After all our experiences, we can help you well.

There are various constructions that are applicable to a mortgage on both new and existing homes. On this page we will regularly find new information about the financing of a Costa Blanca property.

Financing in Spain?
Dutch banks generally do not accept mortgages on homes abroad. That does not mean that financing your property in Spain is a problem.

Spanish banks are willing to help non-residents to achieve the Spanish dream. So you do not have to live in Spain to qualify for a mortgage.

A so-called Gestor will request the Spanish tax number and handle your other interests. This includes local tax returns, mail and other ongoing matters. These are some (small) costs, but you have no further look at that.

What can Spain Brokers offer you?

  • Financing up to 70% of the property valuation value *
  • Complete guidance of your application in English.
  • A good interest rate, comparable to that of English banks.
  • A quick handling.
    * Do you already have a home, also funding is possible!


How does it work?

  • You will contact us.
  • We make an appointment in Torrevieja or Guardamar with a Spanish bank.
  • Once in Spain you directly request a Spanish tax number.
  • After the conversation with the bank, the property is valued.
  • The notary is responsible for the official handling.

What else should you discuss and take with you?

  • Passport (s)
  • As much proof of income (payslips over the last three months, balance, etc.)
  • Tax deductions.