As of June 2017 it is mandatory for all homeowners in Spain to have an energy certification certificate. In Spain this is known as ‘Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica’ or short CEE.

Why you need an energy label

We at CasaLasDunas can provide your home with this necessary energy label, if you have not got one yet!

The obligation is based on a new law that complies with a 2007 European directive on the energy performance of buildings. The CEE forms part of the overall strategy to combat climate change. All homeowners who want to sell or rent their homes must have such a certificate as of 1 June 2017. Without a CEE, no sales transactions can be excecuted or the item can no longer be rented. In addition, fines could be imposed that vary between 3,000 and 6,000 euros.

Energy consumption
The certificate consists of letters from A to G. Here A indicates that the property is highly efficient, whereas G shows that a home, office or building is least efficient. The certificate once obtained is valid for ten years. Consideration is given to the energy consumption in the house in relation to its usual use and the ways in which energy consumption can be reduced. If your home falls under qualification G, then any improvements are not mandatory.

Enable Professionals
Only certain professionals, such as architects, architects and engineers, can draw up and register this certificate for payment in the relevant register at the various autonomous regions of Spain. The cost will be for obtaining an energy label of € 195, – (depending on the size of your home) Homeowners can not rent their house anymore (themselves or through an agent).

So make sure you have an energy label quickly.
We can provide your home with this necessary energy label!

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