How does everything work with the Spanish notary, or what does a Spanish notary do what a Dutch notary does? What should you consider when designing the Escritura (notarial deed)? How is the registration with the Cadaster?

And so, there are many questions you will be faced with and CasaLasDunas will give you the answer and will be put to you as a matter of urgency. A Gestor is the link between the client and the various Spanish authorities and takes a lot of administrative red tape and unnecessary waiting from hands. Your gesture knows the way in Spain and speaks your language.

The gesture does all the preparatory work for the notary and is jointly responsible as your tax representative in the deed. The gesture provides for the deduction of taxes enrollment in the land register and conversion of utilities such as the communidad. (Association) of homeowners.

The following steps are taken when purchasing a property.

  • After accepting the purchase price of the property in question regarding the purchase price, we will prepare a reservation contract so that the property can be purchased from the market. A deposit of 3000.- € or in some cases 6000 .– € must be paid and will be deducted from the purchase price.
  • We are happy to request the NO number and open a Spanish bank account so that you can deposit your money for the purchase at your own Spanish account later.
  • We are going to ask for the Simple Request of the Property, which includes everything about owner of the property, location, number of m2 of the plot and property and whether there is a mortgage on rest or other things that come forward and need attention in order To be brought.
  • After approval of all documents, we will set a date for the transfer, in agreement with the seller.
  • In the meanwhile, our gesture will carry out all the administrative work necessary for settling outstanding issues such as
  • Water-Electra Taxes and any mortgage. You will receive a complete overview.
  • On the agreed day to go to the notary, we will go to the bank to collect a bank check, after which inspection of the property will take place and then we will go to the notary.
  • With the notary, the salespeople are present with possibly a bank representative if the mortgage is to be canceled, our gesture who verbally translates the act, the notary, which checks the passports and NO numbers and the check and the act in Spanish Read again.
  • After signing the keys will be handed over and you own the property and you will receive Copia Simples (copy of the deed)
  • We continue to pursue the work by making payments to the notary tax subscriptions for cadastral conversions of water and Electra. After about 2 months we will receive the registered deed and we will hand it over to you.
  • The CasaLasDunas’s gesture can be seen as a replacement lawyer. This does not just do the same work as a lawyer but more, as it remains your point of contact for business as import of tax returns or unforeseen circumstances where you need a translator.
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