Finances and Investments

Money in Spain – Stop just saving, and buy another house here in Spain! In a financial crisis, a second house in a sunny and warm foreign country can not be bought straight away for a few hundred thousand euros. Perhaps we can advise you on the possibilities of investing in real estate in the paragraphs below.

Investing in real estate

Finances in Spain
A British bank might not give mortgages for properties being bought abroad. However, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot finance your property in Spain directly. In most cases this will not be a problem, since Spanish banks are also willing to help NON-Spaniards with the purchase of their dream home.

The mortgage with the Spanish bank

  • Financing up to 70% of the tax value of the property
  • Depending on the desired amount and personal options, it is also possible to purchase a mortgage with only interest payment
  • Accompaniment in your language
  • Excellent interest rates
  • Fast transaction

If you already have a house, then it is also possible to organize the financing.

How does it work?
The easiest and fastest way if to just simply contact us. We will then arrange an appointment for you in Torrevieja or Guardamar with a Spanish bank, where the discussion will take place with the bank. Also, a taxation of the property to be acquired will be done. After that we will go to the notary for further official matters.

What should I bring?
A Passport and proof of income (salary statements of the past three months, balance sheet, etc.)

A so-called Gestor will apply for the Spanish tax code for you and handle your other interests. Think of local taxes and other current affairs. There are some (low) costs involved, but at least then you can be assured that your concerns will be well represented.


Do you need further details on mortgages, taxes or similar? Then check out our brochures, which can give you further information about this, the buying or renting process and other general information regarding Spain.