Just a day out to the beach? The Costa Blanca also has a lot to offer and there are various excursions. On the watercraft, to the zoo or safari, there is something for everyone.

Do you like water? Perhaps this is something for you! Giant slides, watercourses, rafting and so on. While you enjoy a drink, the children come down with a razor-sharp speed! There are no more than three large aqua parks in the vicinity. Please note that these parks are not open all year long. In any case, you can go here from mid June to mid September, but there are also parks with a longer opening period.

Rio safari
If you like wildlife, that is, to see, you can go to the Rio Safari park in Elche. This is a small zoo park which includes a crocodile farm. You can drive through a train here. However, if you want to go to a larger park, take a look at Safaripark Aitana. Here is a large area set in the middle of the mountains. You can drive by car by car. And if you want, you can also step out for example to punch the elephants to drink something. The really dangerous animals, like tigers and lions, are behind fences, but the rest just goes loose.

Safari inland
“Great!” , “So enjoyed!” , “Where do you still find this?” These are just a few quotes from a safari to the interior. In Spain’s beautiful interior and just 30 minutes drive from the coast you will find Spanish spheres here. At the starting point you will enjoy delicious coffee and a cave in a cave house. During the safari you will arrive by surprisingly unspoiled nature! You cross mountain trails or by flowing water on the way to remote parts of the Spanish interior. On the way you will find many regional products, such as almond and olive trees. Fig trees and even bamboo! After a delicious trip, join the fully-groomed BBQ and enjoy a bite and a drink (or more ….), take a strenuous day off!

Torrevieja fairground

On the seafront in Torrevieja, a big and tourist seaside town, you will find a big night market every day, from an hour or three, where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs. In the season it is particularly busy, especially by the big fairground just next to the promenade. This is a daily visit and only starts to be cozy from an hour or nine. Even the children still walk around in the late hours with all their trophies, which they have won that evening. Nevertheless, there is certainly a lot to be found for the adults, because there are several major attractions for the real crowds.

Karting on the Costa Blanca
There are a lot of kartways on the Costa Blanca. Due to the nice climate, you can see your race arts throughout the year.
Also for small children karting is one of the possibilities. There are special children’s karts with less power and there are also duo-karts for all the little ones. Here you can sit in with your child, and while you send, your child will enjoy your race next to you. Some jobs have a separate job where children can ride on a quad or cross-engine

Of course you can come to the Costa Blanca if you like water sports. There are various possibilities such as jet skiing, surfing, diving, sailing, water skiing, parasailing and in Santa Pola is a kite surfing school. Close to the island of Tabarca is a lot of fun. Here you can enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean underwater life.


Guadalest is part of the infamous castle route. The tall, steep rock, on which a flat-roofed church tower, is a true eagle nest, on which the Spanish-Arab half-blooded Midian blooded in 1609 could hold for some time. Through a tunnel tunneled into the rock, you will find the cozy shops, the noble house, the town hall and the church with its miniature museums. If you have a day out, you can visit the beautiful Aitana safari park on the way back. This is a large nature reserve, where the fence is so far away that you can hardly see them and unleash the wild animals, as in normal nature. You can drive through the car and drive out here and there to see or even touch the animals. Also, a visit to the “Les Fonts de l’Algar” waterfalls, which is nearby, is well worth the effort.

Shells house
This shell house is definitely worth the visit. Everything is designed and made by Don Manuel Fulleda Alcaraz. From his seventh year he collected large and small shells on the beaches of Guardamar del Segura and La Manga del Mar Menor. These shells now adorn the walls and the patio of his house. The mosaics are very different from circles and flowers to animals. A total of 600m2 of walls are covered with approximately 550,000 shells. The shells house can be viewed at Calle Rodeo No. 10 in Rojales.

At the seaside resort of Benidorm is this beautiful park, called Mundomar, with its dolphins, sea lions, penguins and many other animals. Of course there are various shows, such as a beautiful dolphin show. The park is set on a mountain slope and overlooks the surrounding countryside.

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