Do you already have made plans if you like to stay in Spain only for a short or a longer periode? Spain is a very attractive country, not only for tourists but also for emigrants. A lot of people who have a second houses here but there is also a big number of emigrantes. There was not a time before 2015, where so many foreigners have bought a property in Spain. Front runners are English and Dutch people.

Unfortunately, there are many people who only see the benefits, with the result that most of them return to their home countries within the first 2 years. But there are also some disadvantages to emigrate to Spain. We do not want to frighten you but want to be sure that you take a decision which is well thought out.

Today, the Spanish consumer protection oranisation is happy again. 28% more real estate agents could have been legally registered. CasaLasDunas a real estate agency which is legally registered and therefore all our work on selling and renting is legal. We control that everything is well investigated regarding legality, debts, etc. And all this we provide you in your language.

Of course, you are able to do this all by yourself, going to all those different brokers to view all those different properties which might cost you as well a lot of time and energy, but still, and the end there is THE question: Can I trust? With CasaLasDunas, you can be sure that everything is correct. We accompany you from A to Z. This starts with answering your questions, goes from the joint viewings to the purchase with the whole administrative process. After the purchase, our service does not stop: We stay at your side.

Before emigrating,there are a number of things you need to think about. In our brochure “Emigrating to Spain” you will find a checklist with points to organise. Emigrating is not just packing your suitcase and leaving. Here you will find some points out of the checklist:

  • Manage work and residence permit
  • Take care of all your qualifications
  • Making papers ready
  • Check and / or close insurance
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Taxes

Ask for the free brochure on “Emigrating to Spain”.