In the Murcia region for more than one year, more than 100 such festivities. In addition, each village has its own weekly (sometimes even daily) markets, where numerous stalls sell a wide range of items. Think of vegetables, fruits, clothes, food, toys and much more. The following parties are just a few of the total offerings of celebrations and celebrations. It does not matter when you treat yourself to a trip to southern Spain; Bored you will never!

A grip of parties and celebrations ...

Three Kings
In Spain, Sinterklaas does not exist. As a similar holiday, the Spaniards have Los Reyes Magos; The 3 kings. This party is celebrated on January 6th. The ritual that is central to every village and city is the driving of “the 3 kings” on strollers. In some cities even camels are present at the parade because the story is that the 3 kings arrived at these animals in Bethlehem. They sometimes share candy even toys to children present. In domestic speeches, Los Reyes magos celebrates just as we celebrate in the Netherlands Sinterklaas, but there are no peppernuts  here.

La Romería de San Blas – Santiago de la Ribera
La Romería de San Blas is an annual returning party in Santiago de la Ribera, a village near San Javier. This party was born in the 16th century when Trinitarian monks gave their dedication to San Blas. Today, this party begins with a market at San Blas, followed by a large picnic in the park, after which paella is served to all attendees. Have a nice day out

Carnaval – Cartagena
Carnival is celebrated worldwide on about the same date. In Cartagena it begins in 2014 on February 28, and in 2015 on February 11th. During this festive week, the city is decorated with colors, music and lighting. There are several contests for the original costume. This feast is a real reminder for anyone who loves Carnival.

Easter – Samana Santa
In every part of Spain, Easter is celebrated, but Murcia is one of cultural importance. The festivities begin on Palm Sunday and end Easter Sunday with an exuberant party. Each day stands for a different procession (ceremonial religious parade). In this procession, believers walk in colored pieces in endless studs with ‘Pasos’ (wood-sliced saints), huge frogs, crucifixes and groups of drummers. In the whole region candy is sold on the street, however, this contradicts the true intention of the party; The confectionery should be given away instead of being sold. For many Spaniards, the Semana Santa is the highlight of the year, and so for tourists it is worthwhile to visit.

Semana de la Huerta y el Mar – Los Alcázares

In the ‘week of the orchard and the sea’ is the history of the village of Los Alcazares. Every day there are shows and fireworks shows spread throughout the village.

During this week, Los Alcazares Park is set as a street with local restaurants. Who is going to eat at these restaurants will look forward to the bill; Everything is offered at cost. A delicious variety of local specialties.

Feria de Septiembre – Murcia
This 16-day party is actually a mix of different parties. For example, the International Festival of Folklore is held in this period together with the festivities of the gastronomy and wine growing of the region. Also during this party you will talk about fireworks shows, parades, plays, music, a big fairground and sociability in the streets.

Carthagineses y Romanos – Cartagena

During this 10-day party Cartagena is renamed Carthage, as the city was called in 223 BC. The course of the party begins with the landing of the Romans in the port. Later, the conflict between the two parties will be discussed, which would run out of the Second Punic War. There are shows of Gladiators, a Roman circus with wildlife, and the tracking of the great battle around the city center. It’s like taking a time trip of 2200 years back in time.

A very impressive copy of what the city of Cartagena has experienced under the Roman rule. The party ends with a parade of all participating Romans and Cartagenen, after which it is concluded with a freaking party and huge fireworks show.

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